On Tuesday, March 1, the Ozark-Nixa District Duel raised at least $4,000 to be split between the two schools for Project Graduation parties.

Ozark faculty won basketball and volleyball games, and Superintendent Gordon Pace won the “Are You Smarter Than a Superintendent” match. Tiger mascot Robert Booker won the tug of war against the Eagle mascot, and Ozark brought home the trophy for a second year.

Thanks go to Katherine Morrison for chairing the event, to Debbie Wheeler for taking care of the T-shirts, to Susan Howser for games and activities, to Monica Wingert for the chilli supper, to Rose Schmidly for the Hospitality Room, to Cynthia Fitzgibbons for Concessions, and to the Wachas for publicity posters.

Thanks also go to the following volunteers: Gina McBain, Theresa Sartain, Deb Hedgepeth, Dinora Canizalez, Susan Mullins, Mary Dyke, Melissa Sixkiller, Sharon Chronister, Judy Hollman, Pat Conti-Withrow, Kristin Wherley, Mary Bode, Lisa and Donovan Dobbs, Yvette Laturno, Tim and Susan Eastin, Barb Quas, Jodie Miller, Linda Fugate, D’Ann Karr, Joanna Hayes, and Tom Seboldt.


Next meeting: March 7

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The next Project Graduation meeting will be Monday, March 7 at 6:30 p.m. in the Ozark High School cafeteria.

Here is a flyer for a fundraiser with Domino’s in Ozark on Tuesday, March 8!  For every pizza sold that day, Domino’s will donate $1 if you mention Ozark Project Graduation. Please pass this offer along to friends and family.  Have a pizza and benefit Project Graduation!

Domino’s Pizza Flyer 

March 11, 12 and 13: Texas Roadhouse will donate 10 percent if you mention Ozark Project Graduation. (This fundraiser will repeat on April 15, 16 and 17.)

March 26: Buy sub sandwiches until noon at Murfin’s Market in Ozark to support Project Graduation.

Anytime before prom on April 2: Gracie’s Bridal, 431 S. Jefferson Ave. in downtown Springfield, will offer a discount on prom dresses and tuxedos, then donate that discount to Project Graduation.

One of the most popular activities during Project Graduation is viewing and signing the senior collages.  Parents on the Decorations Committee mount picture collages of the seniors on poster board and hang them around the track at the OC.  The graduates are given pens to write messages and sign the collages of their classmates.  The seniors have a great time looking at the pictures and signing each others’ collages.  The seniors then take their collage home as a special memento of the evening.  You will want to make a collage for your senior for Project Graduation.

You need to attach a variety of pictures to an 8-1/2”x 11” piece of paper (you can use colored or patterned if you wish). If you use original pictures, you will want to use as little tape as possible so that you can remove your pictures easily after your collage is copied. Most parents have found it better to copy the pictures first and then work with the copies.

Once your collage is ready to copy, you have a couple of options:
·        Take your picture collage to Marketplace Printing (next to Domino’s on J Hwy) to be copied.  They will make one color copy that will be paid for by Project Graduation and collected by the Decorations Committee. If you want additional copies, you will be charged for them. OR . . .
·        Copy your collage at home or take your collage elsewhere and copy it in color or black and white and drop it off in the high school business office in the PROJECT GRADUATION mailbox.

We need the copied collage prints turned in by March 15th . Be sure not to fold the collages and make sure your senior’s name is on the back of the collage. It might help if it is put in a large envelope for protection. The Decoration Committee will mount the copied collage on the poster board and put the graduate’s name on the front of the board in a creative way.  After March 15th, you will need to complete the collage yourself and get it to the Decoration Committee.

This collage will be a very special part of your senior’s Project Graduation experience.  If you have any questions about the collage, please contact Debbie Wheeler at 849-9070.  Thank you!

If you’d like, you can view a sample collage by clicking below:

Sample Senior Collage

. . . Doug Eggan, of Lee’s Summit, Mo.

Mr. Eggan’s winning ticket was drawn on Dec. 17, at the Ozark-Kickapoo game.  (He bought the ticket from Mike Wheeler at a family reunion!) 

Congratulations–and enjoy!

Although Print Group did have to print replacement tickets for some that were lost or damaged, the Project Graduation committee sold 2,496 books–or $49,960 in tickets. This covered the $25,2798.48 cost of the Camaro and leaves us with about $4,000 to raise for our goal of $30,000. 

Thanks to everyone for supporting Project Graduation 2011!



About Project Graduation

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What is Project Graduation?  The name “Project Graduation” was coined twenty years ago by planners in Maine, where a total of eighteen people had died during two graduation seasons due to alcohol-related crashes.  Project Graduation is an all-night, alcohol and drug free celebration for the graduating class.  It keeps the graduates off of the roads, prevents any of them from becoming an accident statistic, and allows parents to rest easy knowing their son or daughter is safely celebrating.  Graduates make a conscious decision to enjoy their graduation night without alcohol or drugs, and hopefully will carry into the future the message that a good time can be had without alcohol or drugs.
Graduation is Friday, May 13, 2011, at James River Assembly of God Church. Following graduation, seniors (no other guests are allowed) will be taken by bus to the Ozark Community Center. They’ll remain at the OC overnight until a specified time, chaperoned by senior class parents.  Seniors will be returned to the James River church parking lot via bus. 

There’s a lot of planning involved in making this evening a huge success. Please lend a hand and be a part of it!